As a seasoned management expert, coach and psychotherapist I support companies, organisations and individuals in times of change. I consult leaders and teams by supporting the process of internal and external change of their company, organisation or individual role as

  • coach
  • supervisor
  • trainer
  • moderator of team meetings 

My work aims toward advancing the needs, competences and potentials of your employees and your customers or clients to the centre of corporate operations. And toward creating a healthy foundation for responsible corporate success. 

In consulting, I incorporate the salutogenesis model developed by American medical sociologist Aaron Antonovsky. He identified comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness as the main components of healthy development. In this spirit, I accompany you as a consultant on the path to

  •  more clarity, 
  •  more flexibility and creativity, 
  •  more value orientation and meaning in corporate operations. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Alexandra Denkmaier, MAS
Management Consultant, Coach & Psychotherapist